The Extrapolation Chamber

Welcome to ZombiConjure.Com!

In the coming weeks you will find several articles and posts on different practices within the Afro-Caribbean diaspora including important information on community events.

You will learn about the Orishas, the Lwa, Eggun, conjure practices and even about some of the historical figures within different practices.

You will develop a working knowledge of the ingredients we carry at Zombi Apothecary and Conjure Co. and will be able to effectively communicate with others regarding these complex and often taboo traditions.

Please feel free to comment if you have any concerns or questions about any of the material found in the coming posts and keep it friendly.

We will not tolerate any abuse. All discourse in this blog should be purely within the realms of logic and reason and come from a place of respect.


Genevieve El-Masri