Scientific and mathematical approaches and observations to archetypes numeration and color denotation in Santeria.

Each Orisha is assigned a number associated with their worship. The quantity of offerings, days of service and austerity, the number of ingredients in offerings and baths, and more are aligned to this number.

Beginning with the goddess Oshun, I have compiled numerical and scientific observations that are found in material manifestation that correlate to the Orisha Oshun's energy. There are some rather fascinating coincidences as well (if you believe in coincidences) that may provide an additional level of depth to your contemplation and meditation of what Oshun is.


The Fibonacci sequence of sunflowers is 55 and descends into a spiral pattern of 21. The color Yellow has a frequency of 505-525.
The visual spectrum is 508-526 Thz. A difference of 18 = 10+8
10 sephiroths in the tree of life (5X2)
22 paths that are equivalent to the Major Arcana in Tarot
a Total of 32 available position.(10 Sephiroth and 22 paths between them)
Odu has 256 possible patterns
256 divided by 8 = 32
if you assign Olodu to each of the ten Sephiroth and include daath as Ofun
you have 10 stations, one void and 5 odu to place in its pathways This gives you a total of 16.
The you then take away the 5 Olodu from the 22 paths in the tree of life and are left with 17 spaces. 1-16 being the Meyis in Odu and the 17th being Opira or Kuariocha

Yellow (Oshun's color) was the first color used in a cave painting. Xanthopyll is what gives the egg its yellow color. With the exception of certain flies, most insects use the xanthophyll derived R-isomer of 3-hydroxyretinal for visual activities, which means that β-cryptoxanthin and other xanthophylls (such as lutein and zeaxanthin) may function as forms of visual "vitamin A" for them, while carotenes (such as beta carotene) do not.
In Hinduism yellow is associated with the third chakra (Manipura) which governs the emotional body.
The number 5 is the fifth Fibonacci number (2=3=5)
5 is the only number with a descender in text figures which means that it is the only one that goes out of the lines of reason in this context.
5 is the atomic number of Boron which has a role in the strengthening of cell walls in plants. Plant cells are the only living organism cells with a cell wall.
Boron is a component of neodymium magnets which are among the most strongest permanent magnets with very strong attraction.
The number five is responsible for pentamerism which is responsible for giving the heart inside an apple its five pointed star shape. (For those of you who have crowned Shango, I think this will especially be fascinating)
The human body has five endings, the head two arms and two legs with limbs containing 5 fingers and toes
Almost all amphibians, reptiles and mammals have five fingers or toes
Christ suffered 5 wounds
Muslims pray to Allah 5 times a day
Psalms and the Torah are arranged in 5 books
Members of the nations of gods of earth call themselves 5 per-centers because they believe that only 5% of mankind is truly enlightened
Five notes per Octave make the Pentatonic scale in music


The yolk of an egg is yellow. Excessive force on a yolk destroys creative potential.

Internal force exerted outwards in a yolk brings forth life.


Perhaps it may be of interest to revisit that story of Oshun's white dress. The dress is, after all, the eggshell.


These are some of the fantastic ways in which one can meditate and contemplate the nature of Oshun.


If you can think of any additional please comment below.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these observations. My mind works in this way, to take note that a great many things are connected. I am flabbergasted at the fact that I revisited “Fibonacci” numbers/concept just last night, for the first time in years, and today I read on your blog observations about Fibonacci regarding Oshun. I am in awe and humbled at the “coincidences” because whether or not I realize it in the moment, I’m always in conversation with God. Thank you for being here and sharing!

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