Bone Casting, Tarot and Merindiloggun Shell Divination.


The Diloggun is a complex divination system that requires proper initiation to learn and perform. Shell divination is performed by an initiated practitioner of Santeria with deep knowledge of the system. We ask that you refrain from sexual intercourse, are physically clean, no alcohol or drug use 24 hrs prior to being read. Treat this form of divination with respect as it is an oracle of a living tradition.

Candle, Baths, Oils, and Incense

We have a fantastic selection of handmade products that are prepared at the appropriate planetary hour and time and with the correct corresponding ingredients as prescribed by tradition. Our solid FIVE STAR REVIEW Products can be personally made for your specific situation. We also are willing to give personal instruction on how to properly work with any items found in our shop. We are willing to show you how to work your ingredients to their full potential. What sets Zombi apart is its commitment to supply quantifiable and repetitive results in magic. We help you empower your work to the max by simplifying, understanding, and clear explanation of process.


We have a great calendar of events that are regularly occurring. From classes on candle preparation to historical analysis of the diaspora, we are dedicated to providing a fleshed out experience for you.
Our events vary and many of them are free!
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Environmentally Conscious Sourcing

Zombi Apothecary and Conjure Co. carries ingredients that are abundantly and naturally available. We will not carry products that contribute to a strain within our natural environment. Our books are used, our herbs are gathered and cultivated by our staff when possible, we use no glitter, beads, or lead based products. When possible we support free trade products that give back to indigenous communities and we reject the idea of cultural appropriation. We approach each item with cultural sensitivity and share the history, culture and traditions of the people behind them on every occasion possible. Everything we have has a story or meaning. We respect our natural resources and we do not subscribe to the ideology of mass produced items that deplete the earths resources for the sake of making a dollar.

About our animal products

All products that are derived from animals are antique or vintage. Our jewelry and relics containing real ivory are pre-ban. Our coral is antique prior to pre-ban and we refuse to sell new "red coral" which is often dyed to appear red. Our desiccated taxidermy pieces and reticulated skeletons are also one hundred percent vintage pieces that have been purchased for resale in a responsible manner in accordance with our standard for environmental consciousness and sensitivity.

We refuse to carry abalone, feathers that are unethically sources, shells that are by product of deep sea mining, or animal pelted items that do not comply with these standards.


Any questions?

Do you have any direct concerns about any item in our shop? Please contact us with any questions or comments!